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Redefining sports media for the social generation 

Forever Network is a social-first sports media company. We build and activate audiences across the platforms where the millennial generation engage every day.

Through our commitment to social-first and visual content we connect with our audiences like nobody else. 

Our audience is fast becoming one of the largest and most engaged groups of millennial males online:

  • 540M+ Content views /month
  • 66M Unique impressions / month
  • 97M+ Video views / qtr
  • 14.7% Engagement rate

Founded in 2015, we're venture backed and are creating a leading content network for the millennial generation. 

Our Advertising and Branded Content We create high-impact brand partnerships on the platforms where your consumers live every day: Learn more. 

Our Creative & Content Studio offers brands and sporting teams the ability to tap into our content know-how and production abilities, driving engagement on their channels. Learn more.

Our Commerce Partnerships, drive transactions to your products via our network, tapping into our content and engagement abilities. We also offer collaborations on apparel collections: Get In touch.

For more information, get in touch here.

Forever Network Team
Alex Sumsky

Alex Sumsky

Co-Founder, CEO and Director

Alex leads our content, creative and product (apparel) activities. He has a background in sports media, marketing and design. 

Connect: Linkedin

Jaden Harris - Forever Network

Jaden Harris

Co-Founder, COO and Director.

Jaden leads our business, product (tech) and operations activities. He has a background in Campaigns and NGO Management.

Connect: Linkedin | Twitter |

Alister Coleman - Forever Network

Alister Coleman

Non-Executive Director.

Alister is Managing Partner of Tempus Partners. He previously co-founded ShippingEasy and lead Strategy and M&A at Fairfax Digital.

Connect: Linkedin | Twitter |

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