We're a VC-Backed, Next Generation Sports Media Network

We build and activate audiences across the platforms where the next generation of consumers engage.

Our mobile and social-first audience averages over 100,000,000 monthly content views and industry leading levels of engagement.

Our team of over 50 contributors create a fast-paced and industry leading content experience that captures attention across mobile and social.


Our advertising, branded content, and licensing offerings provide an un-paralleled opportunity for brands and businesses to engage with our audience via a trusted, and authoritative voice.

Our merchandising brings this unique style and personality to apparel and gear for an image conscious generation.

Founded in 2015, we're creating a leading sports content network for the digital age.


Alex Sumsky - Co-Founder & CEO
Alex leads FN's product, audience development and creative activities. He has a background in sports media and marketing. 


Jaden Harris - Co-Founder & COO         Jaden leads FN's commercial and operational activities. He has a background in NFP management and campaigns. 

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Alister Coleman - Director                     Alister is Managing Partner of Tempus Partners, a multi-stage Venture Capital firm. He has over 20 years experience in digital media and internet investing, strategy, and M&A transactions. 

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