Our advertising and branded content offerings provide a un-paralleled opportunity for brands to engage with our audience via our highly engaged distribution network. 


From video pre-roll or banners, branded artworks, or bespoke video, we’ll help assemble the right package for your brands needs.

How it works:

  1. Creative Ideation: Our content and creative expertise will ensure your message is crafted and styled for a media savvy millennial audience.

  2. Distribution: Our social distribution channels will deliver your message to your target audience via our trusted, and authoritative voice, driving engagement. Social distribution ensures that our video content is easy to engage with and share, optimising your brand reach.

  3. Data: We provide detailed analytics and reporting to help you plan your next steps.


  • 89% Male
  • 78% 18-34 years old
  • 3 in 4 on Mobile
  • USA, Canada, Phillipenes, Australia/NZ


  • 300M+ Content views /mth
  • 30M+ Unique viewers / mth
  • 50M+ Video views / qtr
  • 14% Facebook engagement rate


Social distribution of all our products ensures that our content (and your brand) is easy to engage with and share, optimising your brand reach. 

Native Branded Content

We work with brands and agencies to develop bespoke branded content content for distribution across our channels, and the brands. 

We can incorporate your brand or product into our diverse array of content, from long form web articles, social posts, immersive mobile experiences and videos.

Social distribution ensures that our video content is easy to engage with and share, optimising your brand reach.

Story or Series Sponsorship

Integrate your brand and message into one of our flagship editorial series, or simply just a content piece.

We do this via banners on social graphics and videos; brought-to-you-by messaging; Graphic Intro/Outro cards and web banners. 

Promotions / Activations

We run branded competitions and promotions across social, our site and EDM. Perfect for amplifying your brands social voice, building email and social lists, and reinforcing brand authenticity.

Combine with video or branded content offering to reinforce your message.


The most engaging experience on social.

Mid/pre/end roll, and footer banner's

Sponsor a highlight one of our premium highlight or montage videos, or an entire editorial video series. 

Custom Branded Video

Our in-house production team can produce an original, custom branded video tailored to your brand, and your target audience.

Native Branded Content

Integrate your brand into our editorial videos.

We receive over 52M Video Views /qtr.  

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